The Formosa Rose by Yi Jung Chen

The Formosa Rose

Hearing the whip-poor-will calling three times,
she drinks a gimlet cocktail alone
with a memory—
the unforgettable faces
of two young souls yearning for each other
as their passions ebb away.
What might have been left behind?

Neither to the whale or kauri tree
living on their own,
ramblers with no abode,
does anything come vividly clear out of the blue.

A fork in the road—
a lady takes a right turn under the dim streetlight.
A quirk of fate leads
a determined mind to meet her companion
sailing across the ocean for paradise.

Pineapple-shaped lockets, in pairs,
shimmer in the moonlight.
Brave trailblazers go their separate ways—
the sweet potatoes still warm—
flourishing as long as they settle somewhere.

The image of her country
looming on the horizon day after day,
an emblem that never fades away.

Besides teaching pupils of learning difficulties at Dounan Elementary School of Taiwan, Yi Jung (Jolene) Chen wrote poems in English, Chinese and Taiwanese languages. Provided given the opportunity, she would like to have her poems published by a reliable journal and shares her poems with people around the globe.
          Find her on Instagram @ymay86 or Twitter @YiJungChen3

Author’s Comment: This poem is about the “concept about time and space: golden moments also will be the strength for us to hang on through difficult times.”

Image Credit: Lady with a cocktail ( in silhouette superimposed on an orchid hybrid, Phalaenopsis Formosa Rose (photo by Craig J. Plahn, D.D.S.)