Water by Owolusi Lucky


That this water may purify, I offer it
To cloudless sky,
I offer it to silence the struggling lamb
In hands of reality with sharpened edges.

That this water may fill, I see it flowing
Into cracked lips of hungry children, salty,
Warm, like comfort of beaches on sunny days
Where the sea always cries.

That this water may cleanse, I see it
Bathing eyes of those seeking repentance
At the pulpit, where crimes unsaid are pardoned.

That this water may remain, rain droplets
Are collected from widows, falling on cold
Stone not so long ago.

For this cloud to shut its doors, we must
Deny it water, and seek the sun to dry all hearts,
That we may see today a beginning
Of better days.

Owolusi Lucky is a Nigerian poet and an upcoming writer. His works have been published at Noctivagant Press and University of North Carolina Press; others are forthcoming in Decolonial Passage. He enjoys reading history and philosophy. Visit him: Africanmighty.art.blog, Twitter:@mighty_scribe.

Image credit: abstract 3D water drops (superiorwallpapers.com)