Seafoam by Rayn Epremian


I was happy in the sea
You convinced me
          to breathe
I tried it
          learned to like it
even drowned a little in your mouth
                    before you spit me out

I go to the beach
          return to the sea
look out at what used to be

A jellyfish attacks my leg
but it’s not alive, it is
          a plastic bag

Rayn Epremian is a writer and filmmaker currently based in London. Rayn has publications in Liminality, Fusion Fragment, and in two Proverse Hong Kong Mingles Voices Anthologies; his fiction has appeared in Fusion Fragment. He was a 2022 All3Media New Voices Awards nominee for TV Drama. You can follow Rayn’s work at

Image Credit: Image of plastic discard floating in otherwise a pristine ocean []