An Ode to You by Adwoa Osei

An Ode to You

You persisted in the dance of formation and were birthed
You are the brea(d)th of evolution and the Divine
Generations before molded your For-Ever-ness
Carving Tomorrows
Creating Flourish
Hopeful of the wonders you’ll conjure
Hopeful of the humanity you’ll teach
Hopeful of the magic you’ll breathe
Hopeful of the persistence you’ll birth
You        Are        Here

Adwoa Osei is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California Riverside School of Medicine. She co-directs health equity, social justice, and anti-racism in medical education and leads faculty development initiatives in equity and anti-racism.

Author’s Comment: This poem was borne out of the despair I encounter in my patients and their families who are perceived as “others”

Editor’s Note: This is Dr. Osei’s first published poem; it was originally titled “Here—an ode to the “Other”!

Image Credit: A bright abstract rainbow ( In literature, the rainbow symbolizes hope and brightness, encouragement.