Questions by Purbasha Roy


Do you remember the zero visibility
of our bodies walking through hills’ mist
the discomfort of wetness on exposed parts
like meditation in full attention of wannabes

Think tall, how we concentrated on light beams
of passing cars to protect the continent of our bodies

and on the sound the river was busy making
on its path to where, god knows

Owl hoots perch on tree branches drooping
down like algebras of nature
allowing us to intersect for mere seconds
like imaginings suddenly walking inside long-gone desires

But our halos soften as effervescence of soda water
while this landscape swells
with ripeness of blanks between parentheses

like smell of our breaths not beating
against each other, now vulnerable,
a song note arrested in off-keys

Purbasha Roy is a writer from Jharkhand, India. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in SIAMB, DASH, Bluestem, View Magazine, Bayou Review, Metaphysical-Times, Long Con Magazine, and elsewhere.

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