Remembering the Love You Told Me to Forget by Melion Traverse

Remembering the Love You Told Me to Forget

Bright moon on water
rippling waves wash against sand
a sleek head appears

in starlight we dance
laughter blends with foamy waves
a crumpled pelt nearby

water sings to you
hands slip inside a furred skin
the sea calls its own

Melion Traverse lives with one dog, one spouse, and an acceptable amount of chaos. Melion’s works have appeared in Cast of Wonders, Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, Helios Quarterly, and Deep Magic. They are the author of the fantasy novels Exile and The Perilous Keep. When not writing, Melion practices martial arts; trains with swords, and drinks far too much caffeine.

Image Credit: The Haiku sequence is complemented by a selkie under moonlight, the artist is unknown but the image is found on a defunct blog [intricate cantrips] featuring an article “Seal Women, Stolen Skins, and Stories Old and New” by Amanda.