farmer’s market in june by Claire McNerney

farmer’s market in june

& the first of the brentwood corn is here,
white & gold & sheathed in deepest Delta green,
like the tules on the water
or the deck out at the ski club
or the brightest mallard’s head.
we’ll take six ears & listen to them,
carefully enough that they’ll repeat what they heard
from the fields to the back of the pickup truck
to the stretched-out highways to the suburbs:
all that wind, the hot gossip,
the hum of AC, the car radio left on.
sounds like that make the corn sweeter
‘til it sizzles on our grill
& bursts in our mouths,
juicy & salty & not to be taken for granted

Claire McNerney is an actor, student, and writer from California, where she currently attends UCSD. She enjoys, among other things, the color green as seen in nature. Follow her on Twitter @claire_mcnerney or Instagram @o.h.c.l.a.i.r.e to say hello and see what she does next!

Image credit: Brentwood corn [C & L Produce]