Lilies by Dennis Williams


All hope in my heart lies in good weather,
the promise of tomorrow: the slow river
rushing to the edge, unlocking leaves,
frogs singing in approval for a better life.
Downstream, fish dart with delight.

Farmers clean rust from long-stored tools
but lament about the cankerworm and
locust getting ready to destroy their crops—
they’ll wish the wretched winter hadn’t gone.

Yet, my heart rejoices when my lover comes
with fresh seeds; together we welcome all
blessings of spring, especially its fragrances
perfuming air, lingering, and my love
who kneels to admire the fragile, sweet lily
                                        of the morning.

Dennis Williams is an urban poet with a rural mind. He reads poems for fun and writes them for a living. His pen is his weapon and the paper is his tool. He appreciates poets and never misses the opportunity to read their work. His poems can be found on and He never stops writing poetry, because he believes that persistence will win in the end.

Image credit: Jamaican farm [image from “Gary Coulton: revolutionising Jamaica’s export agriculture through R&D”]