Two Crossings by Howard F. Stein

Two Crossings

I crossed
The river
And took the bridge
With me.

          Faith enforced
          Left no room for doubt

Later, I crossed
The bridge
And took the river
With me.

          Doubt let loose
          Left room for faith

Howard F. Stein is a poet as well as an applied, psychoanalytic, medical, and organizational anthropologist, psychohistorian, and organizational consultant. He is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, where he taught for nearly 35 years. He is Poet Laureate of the High Plains Society for Applied Anthropology. From 1980-1988, he was Editor of The Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology. He has published some 300 poems. He has published 32 books, of which 10 are books or chapbooks of poetry. His most recent poetry books are Presence—Poems from Ghost Ranch (2020), Centre and Circumference (2018), and Light and Shadow (2018). He can be reached at

Image credit: Abstract art by Unsplash/Pawel Czerwinski